My Background

Peter has been living and working in the City of Port Phillip for more than thirty years, and has recently retired after nineteen years as principal of Port Melbourne Primary School. When he started there, the school had 122 students, however as the demographic changed, enrolments grew to a dizzying 830 students by 2017. For most of his time at the school, its enrolment zone mirrored Gateway Ward, where he got to know not only the issues of Port Melbourne residents, but also of those in Montague, South Melbourne and the St Kilda Rd precincts. Education and community are lifelong passions for Peter. He has seen how they can transform and energise communities as a member of the executive of his own children's kindergarten for six years, as the school principal, and as one of the leaders of the Port Colts Junior Football Club.

Peter has a track record of delivering for our community:

  • Working with government and stakeholders to develop local schools and childcare centres.

  • Liaising with council, government and our community to re-develop the JL Murphy Reserve.

  • Decades of experience advocating for publicly run services, including local kindergartens, sporting clubs and community events

Over the years, Peter has watched with concern as many major building projects were completed in our ward, but the community infrastructure required to support these projects didn't always arrive.  Along with many other community members, he lobbied tirelessly for additional schools and childcare centres to be opened in Gateway Ward and its environs, but it’s clear that more are still needed.

He has also witnessed first-hand the challenges facing Gateway Ward residents who live in public housing.  Peter is concerned about our residential streets being used as traffic "shortcuts", and understands the difficulties that are faced by residents in obtaining parking in our narrow inner-urban streets.  We can all see that the urban development around the new Fishermans Bend area will need all three levels of government to plan services and cooperate with each other, to support the community across our ward.  

Families and young people have been hit hard by the pandemic, and Peter will work with Council to deliver a recovery plan supporting families to feel confident that the services and facilities which enhance our lives are protected, upgraded and expanded. 

Last year, the City of Port Phillip declared a Climate Emergency, and Peter will work to ensure that Council does all it can to address this, as it thinks global but acts local in all matters that impact on climate change.

With more time at his disposal since his recent retirement, and without the constraints of being a public servant, Peter looks forward to representing the views of ALL residents of Gateway Ward in Port Phillip Council, so he can repay, at least in part, the wonderful support he has received from local residents during his time at Port Melbourne Primary School.